Father Joe Hartman Our Lady Of The Mountains
Catholic Church

(Estes Park, Colorado)

We are located at 920 Big Thompson Avenue (Colorado Highway 34) overlooking Lake Estes.

Weddings at Our Lady of the Mountains 

Weddings Catholic Church Estes Park ColoradoWeddings Catholic Church Estes Park Colorado

Our Lady of the Mountains is a beautiful Catholic Church in Estes Park, Colorado.  Many brides, near and far, wish to be married here.  We receive hundreds of requests each year from couples that want to use our parish church for their weddings.  Because of the overwhelming popularity of our church, we have created a policy to allow couples that live outside our parish boundaries to use our church for their weddings.

If you are a member of Our Lady of the Mountains, and wish to have your ceremony in your parish, please contact Father Joseph Hartman (970) 586-8111 or olmpastor@qwestoffice.net at least EIGHT MONTHS
in advance.

Whether you are a parishioner of Our Lady of the Mountains, or a visiting couple, the following guidelines apply to all:

* Weddings are scheduled at 10:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Saturdays with rehearsals held on the Friday evening before the wedding at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.
   If the rehearsal falls on the First Friday of the month, the rehearsals will be held at 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.

*  You are allowed to use the facilities 1 hour before and 1 hour after the wedding for photographs, dressing, etc.

*  No aisle runners may be used.

*  You must remove your flowers from the altar, programs from the pews, and clothing from the dressing area within an hour after the wedding ceremony.

*  No candles can be lit by the congregation or set on the windowsills or hung from the pews of the church.

*  A Unity Candle or a candelabra in the altar area is permissible.

*  Your photographer and videographer must work within the areas designated by the wedding coordinator.

*  You may bring your own musicians.  We have an organ, piano and electric piano for their use.  Please contact
Sharon for a list of local musicians.

*  We have a dressing area for the bride and her attendants in the lower center of the church.

*  No birdseed, silly string, rice or flowers, etc. are to be thrown inside or outside the church.

*  The wedding party will not consume alcohol on the wedding day prior to the ceremony.

If you are not a parishioner of Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, and you wish to have your wedding ceremony at our church:
*  We ask that you plan your wedding with our Wedding Coordinator, Sharon Brubaker (olmweddings@qwestoffice.net or (970) 586-8111). 
    Sharon has extensive experience in helping to plan weddings at our church.

If you are not a parishioner of Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, and you wish to have your wedding ceremony at St. Malo:
*  We ask that you plan your wedding with our St Malo Wedding Coordinator, Nancy Lang (
stmaloweddings@qwestoffice.net or (970) 586-8111). 
    Nancy has extensive experience in helping to plan weddings at St. Malo.

Regardless of location, please remember:

*  Each location is a Roman Catholic Church and one of the parties must be a practicing Catholic.

*  The couple must provide their own priest or deacon because our pastor has many Masses scheduled over the weekends and is unable to preside over your ceremony.  If you are unable to provide a priest or deacon, discuss this with the wedding coordinator, she may be able to help you. The date of your wedding will be secured only AFTER we receive a letter from your priest or deacon informing us that he is assisting you in the marriage preparation process and will come to Estes Park to witness your ceremony.

The couple must complete the marriage preparation program in the parish in which they reside and receive permission of their pastor to be married outside their parish.  Visit Marriage Preparation Process for more information.

*  If the parish at which the couple prepares for marriage is outside the Archdiocese of Denver, a priest or deacon needs to send the complete paperwork to their local Chancellery, and they will forward it to our Chancellery.  Our Chancellery then will send the paperwork to our parish.  This process guarantees that requirements of the Diocesan Churches are fulfilled and we have all necessary paperwork.  We need these documents well in advance and not on the day of the wedding.  Without proper paperwork, you cannot use the church for your wedding.

*  If the couple comes from another parish in the Archdiocese of Denver, the complete paperwork can be sent directly from your parish to our parish.

Your wedding date will be secured only after we receive a $1,500 check made out to Our Lady of the Mountains Building Fund.
(Please note that $1,150 of this amount may be used as a tax deductible donation.)  We are a small parish and we have recently undergone an extensive renovation project.  Your donation will help us to maintain the church and its beauty for generations to come.  We found it necessary to charge this fee because of damages to the facilities and wedding parties not honoring their scheduled times of vacating the premises. 
We will return $250 to you if the church is left on time, clean and undamaged.

Contact us: For all church related matters, use the Admin pull down menu and select the Parish Staff page for contact names. For comments regarding this website click here!